Dance School for Young Children

“When I dance, I feel like magic.” This is a quote from one of our little dancers. This type of exclamation is probably not surprising to most parents who want an enjoyable and creative experience for their child. But, there are many other benefits of which you may not be aware.
•    Children involved in dance lessons develop increased body awareness, concentration, and focus.
•    Dance movement and sensory awareness stimulate cognitive learning.
•    The atmosphere in a dance class helps children to become aware and respectful of each other.
•    As children develop new skills through dance, their self-esteem tends to increase.

Dance education makes many contributions to a child’s development. It will surely help them to be more aware of themselves, sensitive to others, and actively conscious of the world we share. Of course, these worthy attributes are further enhanced by the fact that all this learning takes place while experiencing the sheer joy of dance.